Souvlaki – Greek meat skewers

Cut the meat into 3 by 3 cm square blocks. Quarter the tomatoes. Cut the bell pepper into pieces so that there are 8 pieces. Now successively place a piece of meat, a piece of tomato, a piece of meat, a piece of pepper on the skewers. Until they are full.

Mix the oil with the vinegar in a bowl. Sprinkle salt and the Greek herbs for souvlaki over the souvlaki and brush them with the olive oil / vinegar mixture with a brush. Bake the souvlakis on a hot plate or barbecue. Turn them regularly and regularly spread some of the olive oil/vinegar mixture on the souvlakis. This makes the meat tender and tasty.

When the souvlakis are brown all over and cooked on the inside, remove them from the plate and sprinkle some oregano (rigani) on top. Finally, sprinkle a little lemon juice on the souvlakis.